Research Guides to Chinese Law

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Newer stuff

University of Washington

East Asian Law Department Homepage

East Asian Law Quick Reference

Chinese Legal Research

Taiwan Legal Research


Older stuff

People's Republic of China Legal Research (Harvard Law Library, Aug. 2015
Master List of Chinese Legal Research Guides (July 2014)
John Bahrij & Lily Kuo, An Overview of English Resources for Chinese Legal Research (2013)
Washington University Chinese Law Collection (last accessed April 18, 2011)
Internet Chinese Legal Research Center (Wei Luo, last updated August 2008)
Research Guide to Chinese Law (NYU Law, Sept. 2007)
Guide to Chinese Law (Law Library of Congress, June 2007)
Chinese Legal Research (Yale Law School, undated (2007?))
Selected Resources on Chinese Legal Research (Kara Phillips, Seattle University Law Library, Sept. 2006)
Selected Resources on Chinese Business Research (Kara Phillips, Seattle University Law Library, Sept. 2006)
Research Guide to Chinese Law (Washburn, July 2006)
Research Guide to Chinese Law (University of Washington School of Law, Jan. 2006)
Chinese Legal Research Resources (Univ. of Chicago, Feb. 2005)
Finding Chinese Law on the Internet (Joan Liu, Feb. 2005)
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies - Law (2003)
A Complete Research Guide to the Laws of the PRC (Wei Luo and Joan Liu, 2003)
Chinese Law Research Resources on the Internet (Univ. of Chicago, May 2002)
Beyond the Border - The Chinese Legal Information System in Cyberspace (Joan Liu, 2001)
The Internet and Chinese Law Materials (Bick-har Yeung, 1999)

Other Resources

List of on-line Chinese law databases (Flora Sapio)

Chinese Law Journals in English

Useful blogs: Here are some blogs related to Chinese law, business in China, and life in China in general. I have a few idiosyncratic comments. This is an incomplete list, so please don't be offended if I haven't included you yet.

AsiaBizBlog (Chinese law and business.)

Asia Legal Blog (Mostly about the legal profession in Asia - who's going where, etc. Not a must-read for those not especially interested in this kind of thing.)

ChinaBizGov (Interesting issues in business-government relations in China. Written by a UCLA PhD candidate who's a former businessman with China experience.)

China Financial Markets (Not a law blog, but really excellent for the Chinese economy in general.)

China Law Blog (Probably the best Chinese law blog for business lawyers. If you read one blog it should be this one. You should also check out the list of blogs he posts on the right-hand side of the web site for other blogs you might find interesting.)

China Translated (Commentary and analysis of China's economy and politics. Interesting but not a must-read.)

Chinese Law Prof Blog (My blog; admittedly not critical for the business lawyer.)

Danwei (A very popular blog on Chinese media and urban life in general. Good for keeping up with the zeitgeist.)

Dragonbeat (Another excellent blog on the Chinese economy. More accessible to non-specialists than China Financial Markets.)